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Hacking MagicJack for the sip infomation

By , December 23, 2010 8:11 PM

Magicjack is really a simple device that uses the standard SIP protocol to make inbound and outbound calls.
Thus if we know the details of this we can put it an Asterisk server or sipphone, eg iphone etc.

MagicJack uses standard SIP, so once you determine your SIP information (username/password/etc), you can use your MagicJack service with any standard VoIP device.
The easiest way to uncover your MagicJack SIP information is to use Fiddler.
Since all MagicJack passwords are very simple, you could also very easily brute force them using cain, although this technique is a bit more involved than using fiddler.

MagicJack Voip settings you will need to put into your device:
Voip Settings:

sip port: 5070
register: yes
make call without reg: yes
answer call without reg: no
register expires: 3600
display name: your phone number

Replace EXXXXXXXXXX01 with your MJ number. Include E and 01.
Replace the proxy with the proxy your MJ registers to and change host= to host=YourProxyIPHere.


1. download pmdump from
2. follow tutorial on how to create a dump file on this page using pmdump.
3. download “hex workshop” its free. search on google for it. or use any other free hex editor.
4. open the dump file in the hex editor.
5. search for “ProxyUserName”
6. search for “ProxyUserPassword”
7. search for “SIPProxyURI”

the user name will be your phone number with a leading E and ending 01
password is 20 digits
sipproxy is an IP address

First download pmdump and hexeditor <–pmdump
cmd(enter) and then connect your magicjack.

The rest with hexeditor is simple, just drag the created file and search the two strings, it worked for me at the 4th try.
My last post is incomplete. Here is what i missed.
It is just the WHEN you are dumping the memory, it should be done inmediatly (5 seconds) after connecting magicjack, and executing the application. It worked for me at the 3th try.
I suggest to keep open CMD while magicjack is loading that way you will have the chance to do it quick.
pmdump -list (after magicjack has begin to run)
pmdump PID anyfilename (3 seconds after)
Then it’ll work.

FILES YOU MAY NEED:!download|221tl|181798719||3513!download|492tl|196998576|MJInfo.exe|456


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