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By , September 26, 2013 6:03 PM



HEAP OF SHIT EXPENSIVE ROUTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have firmware 4.3.0-19
and nothing but VPN problems


Note that downgrading to 3.0.8-12 fixes this and PPTP works great.


he SRX5308 can be configured as a DNS relay … have you tried that?


Follow Up Note: 4.3.0-19 firmware is out and the Release Notes clearly say a Factory Reset is required going from 4.x.x to 3.x.x.

IMHO you should do a Factory Reset and re-program by hand when you go forward a major revision (i.e., 3.x.x to 4.x.x) also. After working with Netgear ProSafe firewalls for many years I’ve seen that cure 99% of problems.



4.2.0-22 has been pretty stable for me compared to previous firmware (up for 78 days). I haven’t tried 4.2.1-2 yet.



Updated  dyndns domain name is not reflecting in the ike policies.


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By , September 18, 2013 3:46 PM

So I’ve decided to use another way of DRAC upgrade – open a SSH session to the card and start the racadm utility there which has an option to upgrade its firmware from remote TFTP server. The steps to perform such upgrade are the following:

Grab some tftp server. I’ve been using Atftp server for Linux for several years. You’ll find some free tftp servers for Windows too.

Download the DRAC firmware from Dell’s support site. I’ve used the Windows “EXE” version which was just a zip file containing a single file – “firmimg.d5”.

CAUTION! Store the image file in a tftp server’s directory with the same name as the file. Eg. if your tftp root is “/tftpboot”, then store the image in “/tftpboot/firmimg.d5/firmimg.d5”. Not sure if this is a bug in racadm but I had to look in atftpd’s log files to find it was looking for the file in such path.

Open SSH session to your DRAC card (the default loginname is “root”, password “calvin”).

Run the upgrade command:

racadm fwupdate -g -u -a -d firmimg.d6

Note that I’ve written the filename just once, without the directory name. After a while it will start writing a progress and logs you out when the update finished.

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