Reset the password on a Dell EqualLogic SAN

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By , July 28, 2013 1:10 PM

Reset the password on a Dell EqualLogic SAN

The last few months we where asked several times to reset a password set on the main account for Dell EqualLogic storage, also known as the grpadmin account.

If you really don’t know the password set on the grpadmin but still have physical access to it you can start a recovery procedure to reset the grpadmin account back to the default password: grpadmin.

Important: Because you must power-cycle one group member as part of the password reset procedure, volumes with data stored on that member will be unavailable and active iSCSI connections to those volumes will be lost until the member is restarted. You may want to warn users of any impending offline volumes and iSCSI disconnections before resetting the password.

To temporarily reset the grpadmin account password to the default factory-set password, follow these steps:

1.) On one group member, connect the appropriate serial cable to serial port 0 (the correct cable will be different on different models of the PS Array) on the active control module. The active control module is indicated by the green control module status LED labeled ACT. The status LEDs are located on the controllers sometimes on the left side or next to the serial port on other controllers.

2.) Turn off power to the member (if you have dual power supplies, turn off both power supplies). Volumes with data located on the member will be offline and iSCSI connections to those volumes will be lost until the member is restarted.


3.) If the member has two control modules, after it is shut down, remove the controller that your serial cable is not connected to. This is to ensure that, while you are setting password-recovery mode on one controller, the other controller doesn’t run past us and start the array up.  Controllers just have to be removed a little so they don’t make contact any more to be disabled. (2 cm out is far enough)

4.) Turn on power to the member by turning on all the power supplies.

5.) While the member is restarting, press Ctrl/p when the following message appears on the console: Press Ctrl/p to enter setup mode. This will halt the boot process and allow you to enter commands to the boot monitor.

6.) At the CFE> prompt, enter the following commands, which are case-sensitive and must be typed exactly as shown:


CFE> reload

7.) When the member restarts, the PeerStorage login prompt appears. After a short pause, the following message should appear: WARNING:Password recovery mode… Temporarily resetting grpadmin password.

If you get the previous message, log in the the group using the grpadmin account and its factory-set password, grpadmin:
Login: grpadmin
Password: grpadmin

At this point, you are logged in to the group with read-write permission and can perform any group administration task. At this point, you should set the grpadmin account password to a known value. Use the procedure described in the Modifying Accounts section in the Group Administration manual or use the following command:

> account select grpadmin passwd

Enter New Password: xxxxxxx

Retype password: xxxxxxx

Note: Unless you set the grpadmin account password within five minutes after the password recovery mode message appears, the grpadmin password will revert back to the value it had prior to the password reset procedure (that is, you will no longer be able to log in with the factory-set password).

However, as long as you remain logged in to the grpadmin account, you can set the password to a known value. If the password recovery mode message does not appear, the password reset procedure did not succeed (for example, because you did not enter the CFE commands exactly as shown). In this case, allow the member to completely start up, and then retry the password reset procedure, shutting down the member and following the steps above.

8.) If the member has two control modules, after logging in to the group and setting the grpadmin password, reinsert the second controller,  this restarts the secondary control module and allows it to be used. Within one minute, you should see a console message, indicating that the secondary control module is operational.

Dell Equallogic reset password

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By , July 28, 2013 1:05 PM
How To Reset an EqualLogic PS SAN Print E-mail
NOTE: This resets the SAN to factory defaults. ANY DATA ON THE SAN WILL BE COMPLETELY DELETED!
1. Connect to the SAN via a serial cable to the active storage processor.

2. Enter the group login and password (grpadmin/grpadmin is default).


PS Series Storage Arrays
Unauthorized Access Prohibited

login: grpadmin
Welcome to Group Manager

Copyright 2001-2008 EqualLogic, Inc.


demogrp> 463:0:login: 5-Mar-2010 10:38:07.210001:login.c:583:INFO:46.2.0:CLI: Lo
gin to account grpadmin using a serial connection succeeded.


3. Enter the command “reset” and read the warning.

4 . If you want to reset the SAN enter “DeleteAllMyDataNow”.
demogrp> reset

Warning: This command resets an array to the factory
defaults (original condition).  The result is the
elimination of all group and volume configuration
information and any volume data residing on the array.

Before resetting an array that is a member of a group,
it is recommended that you delete the member from the

Reset this array to factory defaults? [n/DeleteAllMyDataNow] DeleteAllMyDataNow
Resetting system, this will take a few minutes.
Deleting backup password files
Deleting agent.cnf
Zeroing drives, nvram and rebooting the system



5. The SAN will then reset and reboot, ready for initial configuration.
#                                                       #
#       EqualLogic (R), Inc. storage array              #
#               Copyright 2001-2007                     #
#    70-0111 Rev=R07 SN=RMS83308A031146 ECO=C02         #
#                                                       #
— Type Ctrl-p key to enter setup mode —

BOOTROM version 7.0.0
Build Date: Wed Dec 19 01:50:35 EST 2007
Total memory: 0x40000000 bytes (1024MB)
NP Loading …Done
SP Loading …Done

EqualLogic(R) Storage Array

Copyright 2001-2008 EqualLogic, Inc.

SP:33.57:sbsmbus.c:354:INFO:28.2.4:Executing as active control module in slot 0.

SP:1267803781.52:pclass.c:4406:INFO:32.2.12:Disk enclosure/disk 0/0 (Model ST340
0755SS     /SN 3RJ0G83L00009840RDN8) 781249999 blocks, devLun=0, state=Ready
SP:1267803781.53:pclass.c:4406:INFO:32.2.12:Disk enclosure/disk 0/1 (Model ST340
0755SS     /SN 3RJ0G8H400009840XSJY) 781249999 blocks, devLun=1, state=Ready
SP:1267803781.54:pclass.c:4406:INFO:32.2.12:Disk enclosure/disk 0/2 (Model ST340
0755SS     /SN 3RJ0GGDJ00009839QNAY) 781249999 blocks, devLun=2, state=Ready
SP:1267803781.55:pclass.c:4406:INFO:32.2.12:Disk enclosure/disk 0/3 (Model ST340
0755SS     /SN 3RJ0HXXX00009842SX34) 781249999 blocks, devLun=3, state=Ready
SP:1267803781.56:pclass.c:4406:INFO:32.2.12:Disk enclosure/disk 0/4 (Model ST340
0755SS     /SN 3RJ0G8AW00009750E8V4) 781249999 blocks, devLun=4, state=Ready
SP:1267803781.57:pclass.c:4406:INFO:32.2.12:Disk enclosure/disk 0/5 (Model ST340
0755SS     /SN 3RJ0G9WM00009840YVCN) 781249999 blocks, devLun=5, state=Ready
SP:1267803781.58:pclass.c:4406:INFO:32.2.12:Disk enclosure/disk 0/6 (Model ST340
0755SS     /SN 3RJ0GLGJ00009840UX19) 781249999 blocks, devLun=6, state=Ready
SP:1267803781.59:pclass.c:4406:INFO:32.2.12:Disk enclosure/disk 0/7 (Model ST340
0755SS     /SN 3RJ0HYGL00009842QERJ) 781249999 blocks, devLun=7, state=Ready
MFS set up
Building databases…
SP:1267803787.38:ses.c:5176:INFO:28.2.91:Active controller CEMI firmware version
: 06.08
SP:1267803787.66:emm.c:928:INFO:28.2.6:Enclosure serial number: SHM94552C0104AE.

SP:1267803789.61:events.c:65:INFO:13.2.5:Spare disk drive 4 added.
SP:1267803789.61:events.c:65:INFO:13.2.5:Spare disk drive 1 added.
SP:1267803789.61:events.c:65:INFO:13.2.5:Spare disk drive 3 added.
SP:1267803789.62:events.c:65:INFO:13.2.5:Spare disk drive 5 added.
SP:1267803789.62:events.c:65:INFO:13.2.5:Spare disk drive 0 added.
SP:1267803789.62:events.c:65:INFO:13.2.5:Spare disk drive 6 added.
SP:1267803789.62:events.c:65:INFO:13.2.5:Spare disk drive 7 added.
SP:1267803789.62:events.c:65:INFO:13.2.5:Spare disk drive 2 added.
SP:1267803790.68:emm.c:1495:WARNING:28.3.51:Warning health conditions currently
Investigate these conditions before they affect array operation.
Control modules are initializing. Control module failover cannot occur u
ntil the initialization completes.
There are 1 outstanding health conditions.  Investigate these conditions
before they affect array operation.
SP:1267803794.11:emm.c:1728:INFO:28.2.30:Control modules have completed initiali
zing, and failover is now operational.
Fri Mar  5 10:43:16 EST 2010
Mar  5 10:43:16 init: kernel security level changed from 0 to 1

PS Series Storage Arrays
Unauthorized Access Prohibited

login: grpadmin
login:1267803807.15:login.c:583:INFO:46.2.0:CLI: Login to account grpadmin using
a serial connection succeeded.
Welcome to Group Manager

Copyright 2001-2008 EqualLogic, Inc.


It appears that the storage array has not been configured.
Would you like to configure the array now ? (y/n) [n]SP:1267803824.42:ses.c:5176
:INFO:28.2.92:Secondary controller CEMI firmware version: 06.08


NEC SV8100 default passwords

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By , July 14, 2013 10:53 PM

username: tech
password: 12345678

ADMIN1 : 0000
ADMIN2 : 9999


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