Dell Equallogic generic hard drive firmware update

By , March 5, 2013 1:24 AM
> This might be of some use - I've updated a ST31000340NS (ES.2 1TB > version) under Linux to MA0D using hdparm v9.27's --fwdownload switch on > Debian 5. You have to strip the first 256 bytes of Dell header from the > start of the Dell update binary using dd bs=256 skip=1 ... 
You're the man!! Your method worked like a charm (after rebooting in a clean,
live environment).
These are the steps I did to update the SATA HD firmware on my Dell R410
without SAS controller and in Debian:

1) boot the server from a live CD (Ubuntu 9.10 in my case)
2) downloaded from the Sid package of hdparm (v9.27)
3) installed it in the Ubuntu live session
4) downloaded the firware from and unpacked it
5) dd if=payload/MA0D.fw of=payload/MA0D.lod bs=256 skip=1
6) hdparm --fwdownload payload/MA0D.lod /dev/sda
7) then added the extra switches that hdparm needs to follow with this
dangerous operation
8) firmware updated!

Just to mention that I did the first hdparm --fwdownload with the HD *working*
(I was using the system installed on it, not a live one) and the updated
failed (due to the disk disconnecting from the SATA bus) but the disk worked
without problem. No fried disk, no bricking at all.

It’s seems it’s 208 bytes

I need to update firmware on my Seagate Constellation ES ST32000644NS branded as Dell Equallogic. Since I don’t use this drive in a Dell Server but in my Apple Mac Pro the only possible way to do this is to use Linux and hdparm.

Then I found this:

The correct firmware for my drive is Muskie/KA09.fwh

The only question is how many bytes I have to remove from the Dell header to able to flash it with hdparm ?

Files for comparision:

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