noka voip setup sip phone

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Want to have a voip sip client on your phone.


make sure you phone has the latest firmware

First you will need to Create a Sip phone Gizmo Project account

Here is how to configure your Nokia E or N Series


Go to Tools – Settings – Connection -SIP settings

Create the following profile

Profile Name: sipphone

Service Profile: IETF
Default Access point: (your WLAN AP name)
Public user name: sip:
Use Compression: No
Registration: ” always on”
Use Security: No

Proxy Server: sip:
User Name: 1747xxxxxxx
Password: [You SIPPhone password]
Allow loose routing: Yes
Transport Type: UDP
Port: 5060

Registrar Server:
User Name: 1747xxxxxxx
Password: [Your SIPPhone password]
Transport Type:UDP
Port: 5060

Then go to connection – Internet Tel. Settings

Create a new profile for “sipphone”(1747xxxxxxx), name it “sipphone”
In Connectivity – Internet tel. – Preferred profile – Choose “sipphone”

Then go back to Connection – SIP settings – sipphone and change the Registration from (when needed) to (Always on) now your phone will register to the
Gizmo network.

*If you don’t know your Sip number that starts with 1747 xxxxxx open the Gizmo Project program on your p.c click on edit -> profile.


then you will probably need the sip settings for nokia application

depending on what phone model you have, which will determine which application you need to install

Device VoIP
Rel 1.0
Rel 2.0
Rel 2.1
Rel 2.2
Rel 2.3
Rel 3.0
Rel 3.1
E51 100.34.20
E52 021.013
E55 021.013
E60 1.0610.02.15
E61 1.0610.04.04 3.0633.09.04
E61i 1.0633.22.05 2.0633.65.01
E63 100.21.110
E65 1.0633.18.01 2.0633.65.01
E66 100.07.78
E70 1.0610.05.07
E71 100.07.76
E75 100.48.78
Communicator 200.34.73
N79 10.045
Internet Edition
4.0632.0.38 4.0707.0.7
N81 8GB 10.0.053
N82 10.0.046
N85 10.045
N86 10.086
N95 10.0.018 12.0.013 20.0.013
N95 8GB 10.0.021
6710 Navigator 021.013

The app can be found at :

Once installed can be found in installed applications

Here you need to put
STUN server:
port 3478
UDP Nat Bind refresh: 40
CRLF refresh: Yes

E52 both for incomming and outgoing call Setup

1. Download SIP Voip Settings Tool(version 3.x from the dropdown) from Nokia.

2. Secondly there will be a new application called advanced voip settings in the net settings.

3. I think you know how to configure SIP Profiles in Nokia.

4. Once you are done configuring SIP Profiles then goto the advanced voip settings and add the SIP profile as a new service.

5. Once you have done all that then open up contacts and press the left navigation key..u will see the SIP service you configured. then there is an option to enable the service. Once you enable that you are done.

6. Now you should be able to make internet calls from e52.

Activate: SIP over umts/3g

3g isn’t activated for sip by default, trying it you get some ‘authentication failure)

you have to enable sip over 3g by setting AWCDMA to ON

but… where? you have to download and install “SIP VoIP Settings”

/Menü/System/Network/Advanced_VoIP_settings -> VoIP_services -> Sipgate -> Profile settings -> AWCDMA = On

Nvidia mediashield event monitor email notifier

By , October 4, 2009 4:01 PM

Nvidia mediashield event monitor notifier

To say it bluntly why the Hell wound Nvidia a multi – million dollar company not spend a few extra bucks
what would it cost maybe 400-500 dollars to pay the programmer to send an email when the NVIDIA
raid has an error, say a disc failure.

I have searched and searched and could not find any way to fix it to notify you on raid failure.

Until I came across the free program “PA Server Monitor”

Configure your computer
and add email notifications

Now you can add the specific error numbers, and make it email you

All done

Thomas Challenger Thomas Challenger